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Happy Birthday Yotam! We hope you continue to keep up with your work and life, and to have an awesome one. Cheers, and thanks for the song as always!

This is the most tragic, but sweetest, love story I've ever seen in my life. It pulls at your heart strings, but knows when to be calming in light of such a terrible situation that is a reminder of reality. I love the casting theme that although our hearts might be broken by anything that can get between you and someone, they would still care enough to keep you going, to try your best and to get the job done, because a broken heart can be mended; even through times of stricken grief. It's beautiful, and I thank you entirely for releasing this.

melsnoodles responds:

It makes me so happy to know how much was felt with this film, honestly. The idea of a couple being a team against a bigger issue and helping eachother thru their own personal problems is something that really gets to me, i think its a concept that can give strenght and heal a lot, so when I see comments like yours saying it really touched them its just... so powerful <3 thank you so much, the release was SO worth it!!

I'm getting real *ERRNNH* ANGRY


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This is a wonderful work of art. I can tell many people have been scared stiff by this magnificent creation.

Parkereldreth responds:


Loved this. Two combinations of one of my most favorite things are together in a game that had me spitting rhymes better than Drake. Thank you.

Deklaration responds:

And thank you for playing it! Not very hard to have rhymes better than Drake.

Score: 420

my life is complete

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my n***a

this is eargasm

retroarcademonkey responds:

hell ye d00d ;0


Six bloody knifes out of 11 bloody knifes. yw.

NekoMika responds:

Thanks :D

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G3no, I gotta say man, seeing your NSFW stuff gets me hard every time. Nice work, and especially glad to see these two once more!

Hopefully he escaped from the pot, otherwise, we have lost a brave soul :'(

Very cool!

Currently floating in space, with my unicorn pal biting on some space cheese.

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